Systems Integration for Property Managers

Technology disruption for property managers means seamless automated systems that are managed and controlled from a single platform. One single window into the system that provides valuable intelligence for informed decision making, enhanced efficiencies and improved user experience.

As an EcoXpert and KNX certified partner, we are qualified to integrate different manufacturers’ products to create a backbone for effective building management and automation. The integration of technologies changes the way buildings are managed and achieves the best functionality from the solutions.

The KNX certification:

  • Guarantees genuine integration of all manufacturers’ products

  • Reduces the cost of ownership

  • Future proofs installations

  • Ensures that all products undergo rigorous testing

  • Allows external verification of product quality

  • Confirms that products conform to ISO 9001

  • Minimises R&D time, design time and errors on site.

Planning a Smart Environment? Smart Integration has all the solutions in one place!