Guest Room Connectivity Solutions

Smart Integration helps meet the growing expectations of the international travellers using proven guest room connectivity solutions.

These connected hotel solutions enable a superior experience by integrating guest room functions into one simple, digital interface.

Automated efficiencies

Guests can simply and conveniently control their surroundings with digital control to create a comfortable environment that enhances their satisfaction.

Cost savings

The connectivity solution seamlessly integrates temperature, lighting, bathroom mirror and floor heating, and curtain/blind control devices to automatically reduce energy consumption when guest rooms are unoccupied, helping hotels to dramatically reduce their energy consumption to achieve their sustainability goals.

Simple installation and operation

Our connected hotel solutions are fully integrated, with tested, validated, documented architectures. All system components offer easy, out-of-the-box commissioning.


Extensive training is provided across the full range of systems and devices.

Planning a Smart Environment? Smart Integration has all the solutions in one place!