Connected Retail Management Solutions

Smart Integration helps retail clients to manage and reduce their energy consumption and to optimise their retail branches. The branch energy optimisation solution combines our engineers’ expertise in the areas of energy and sustainability services in conjunction with our core building management solutions.

Data aggregation

The aggregation of data to a central management and administration platform that is provided as a cloud service.

Analytics and reporting

Deep analysis and reporting completes the end-to-end connection by linking the sensors in the branch sites to the energy and sustainability management objectives.

Building management solutions

A broad catalogue of customisable building management solutions is available that uses leading technologies.

Systems integration

Smart Integration is a certified expert systems integration with proven capabilities across industries.


Since the systems operate on the corporate network, exchanging data to the cloud via the internet, security is an essential component that can include vulnerability testing, internal policy compliance checks, and other techniques including network segmentation and virtual private networks.

Solution implementation

A key enabler of our property solution rests in our ability to standardise a set of services, systems and software that is expertly designed to address the scope of the entire retail location portfolio.

  • Branch energy assessment

  • Energy conservation measures

  • Monitoring and automation

  • Reporting and administration

  • Tracking of results

Cloud-based management and control

Retail properties can be managed individually or in groups from anywhere, off any device using the cloud. This enables retailers and facility managers to implement new schedules, set points and other energy conservation measures throughout multi-sites via a single click. Energy efficiency gains for each site can be multiplied and use real-time implementations via the cloud.

  • Secured web and multi-platform mobile access to the multi-site enterprise;

  • Site events, email notifications and trend logs;

  • Global scheduling, calendar exceptions and configuration at the device level; and

  • Audit logs and monthly reports of HVAC temperature and power consumption.

A dynamic dashboard gives a single view of the systems, monitors trends, assigns cloud controllers, creates groups and subgroups, putting you in control!

Planning a Smart Environment? Smart Integration has all the solutions in one place!